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Welcome to Bamboo Habitat. We offer a variety of Bamboo and related tropical products and services for your pleasure. We specialize in giving our customers personalized service concerning their bamboo projects. We are happy to correspond and advise on any projects you may be working on, or discuss any ideas you may have concerning our products. We will help you work through your project to give you the best possible results. Contact us by e-mail at: or 267-329-8398 to order. We calculate the shipping cost for each order, to get you the best rate.

bambooWe stock commercial quality bamboo poles. Depending on your project, we can make recommendations as to the bamboo best for your project. Bamboo Habitat. is now shipping Bamboo Poles and other Tropical products from both the East Coast and the West Coast. This will save you on your shipping costs.

Bamboo Habitat also carries several types of palm thatching materials, including real palm thatch and synthetic thatch, tropical wall coverings and interior bamboo mats and boards. Any of these materials can turn a room in your house into a tropical paradise.

For your pool side, check out our 7 ft or 9 ft round palm thatch umbrella. You can convert your pool side or deck umbrella into a tiki umbrella. Just fit the round palm thatch umbrella cover over your existing umbrella. The hole at the center of our thatching cape will keep everything centered for you.

Our bamboo fencing can be used both exterior and interior. Use for privacy in your backyard, around your pool, hot tub or Jacuzzi. Any of our fencing can be used as a feature in your Japanese garden or back yard pond. We carry a variety of natural fences including, reed fence, willow fence, twig fence, fern fence, oriental fencing and bamboo fence. These can also be used as a highlight both inside and outside.

Locally grown, winter hardy, phyllostachys vivax is perfect for privacy fences or accents to your property. This variety of bamboo is very hardy, and will also spread aggressively if not contained. It is not for all settings. Please send us an e-mail for availability and pricing of the Bamboo plants. We also stock Rhizome Barrier for your containment needs.

I hope we gave you a few ideas on how to bring these products into your life. Please take a look at our site to see our entire line.

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