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5 Exciting Ideas for Your Next Bamboo Project

green bamboo poles

Since the Shang Dynasty (16th-11th century B.C.), the usage of Bamboo has been an integral part of both home décor and simple project construction. From Bamboo fencing to interior accenting, Bamboo not only offers a distinctive look that separates you from the herd, but it also offers some of the most versatile building materials on the market today.

Today we’re going to take a quick look at five exciting Bamboo projects that could help you achieve that distinctive look for your home, and/or offer you an exciting “out-of-the-box” project for you to try.

And home accenting won’t be the only ideas we look at today either—a few ideas here may even surprise you—so let’s take a look.

Bamboo Bikes?

If you think that bamboo poles are simply used for making Tiki bars or fences, you’re wrong. In fact, Bamboo can literally be crafted into anything with the proper parts and know-how.

Bamboo bikes are gaining in popularity and are just as sturdy and reliable as a traditional bicycle. You can craft your own bike using a wide variety of Bamboo poles (such as the kiln dried Blue Henon Bamboo) and the whole endeavor can either exist entirely of Bamboo sticks (like the picture shown to the right), or a combination of carbon composite joints to connect the actual Bamboo frame.

Bamboo Bows and Arrows.

I’m an outdoors person hands down, and I have crafted a few homemade bows in my time. I have tried a wide variety of approaches from the “$20 poor man’s bow”—constructed from Oak and Poplar—to the more upscale approach utilizing Juniper or White Ash.

I have found, however, that using flat Bamboo (such as our Taiwan Flat Bamboo) can make this fun project just as easy with better reliability and durability. Taiwan Bamboo is just as flexible as the traditional wood choices available, and with the right project choice, you can easily craft yourself a bow that can be used for recreation and/or hunting.

Bamboo Tiki Bars

When someone mentions a Bamboo Tiki Bar, they usually think of a free standing “ice cream cart” style bar—this is NOT what I am getting at.

If you going to build a bar why not build big, right? Bamboo fencing can actually be used to build your own customizable bar that will not only separate your bar from the average universal design, but it will also add a very distinctive look to any  backyard.

You can construct the entire “shed-style” bar from a wide variety of Bamboo fencing and you can top off the job with some palm thatching roof accents for that “homerun” traditional look.

Bamboo Fishing Poles

In the market for a new fly-fishing pole? How about a new 6’6” fresh water to get you ready for the pre-spawn month ahead? Well before you run out and fork over a wad of cash for that fancy composite pole, why not try your hand at crafting your own Bamboo pole instead.

Bamboo offers just as much flexibility and durability any angler traditionally needs to hit the water, and it also makes for a great kid-friendly project for all of moms and dads.

Bamboo poles are also used for constructing traditional “Cane” poles which are ideal for small pan-fish and limited sized crappies.

Bamboo Tropical Wall Covering

Bamboo wall covering is a great alternative to the traditional products on the market today and it can provide a more distinctive look to your home without breaking the bank, or your back.

Traditional products such as vinyl interior wall coverings, traditional paneling or even wall paper can wind up being very expensive, and can easily create installation problems to the novice user.

Bamboo wall coverings are simple and easy to use and will not leave a gaping hole in your wallet. The stylistic look of Bamboo also offers the “designer” a wide variety of interior accents such as plastic palm trees and palm thatching accents.

For more information on the variety of interior wall coverings, hop on over to our Tropical wall covering section to peruse the different options.

In my next post, we’ll take a deeper look into a few of these projects.