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Many Uses Of Bamboo Poles

When you are looking for an environmentally friendly material to create a fence or barrier around an area of your home, you can use bamboo poles. Bamboo is an all-natural product which can stand up to most types of weather conditions while creating natural looking fences and barriers. Bamboo is available in a variety of styles and colors for you to choose from in order have the type of natural barrier you desire. Unlike wood barriers and fences, bamboo will blend into the property.

Bamboo poles used as fencing should be ¾ inch to 1 inch in diameter. Each pole should be bound together closely in order to provide maximum privacy. You should use galvanized wire ran through the poles at different intervals to hold them together. By running the wires through the poles you can hide the wire and prevent it from being noticed. Bamboo fence sections can be attached to one another, or placed over and existing fence. You can even use bamboo fence sections to add privacy to your deck or patio.

You can use bamboo poles for a variety of outdoor projects, like building your own tiki torches and placing them around your pool or hot tub. You can select the size pole you desire attach it different types of metal containers to hold candles or for gas flame containers. If you are feeling ambitious you can build your own bamboo tiki bar and may use palm thatching to complement the bamboo pieces.

Bamboo poles also can be used to build patio umbrellas and provide a nice shaded area to relax on warm summer days. You will need the bamboo along with palm thatching to create the umbrella. You can take and existing umbrella and replace the pole with bamboo and then take your weaved palm thatching and secure it over the existing umbrella to create a natural looking patio umbrella.

Besides using bamboo poles for your outdoor projects, it can also be used for a variety of indoor projects. You can use bamboo to build picture frames for your favorite beach vacation pictures. You can build the pictures frames using the bamboo pieces or take an existing picture frame and glue bamboo over the front and sides of the existing frame. You can also turn your existing lamp into a natural looking bamboo lamp. Bamboo attaches to most types of surfaces so converting a lamp is not complicated.

When you want a tropical theme in your bathroom, you can use bamboo poles to create your own wall of bamboo or use it as accents around the vanity, and sink cabinet. You can even buy bamboo poles which you can weave together to create towel racks and shower curtain rods. You are only limited by your own imagination with the number of different bamboo objects you can create. You can get all your bamboo poles for any size project, as well as palm thatching and other tropical products when you shop Bamboo Habit. If you need assistance or have questions about what types of bamboo will work best for your project, you can call 610-754-9829.

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