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Bamboo Poles

Contact us at or call 267-329-8398 to discuss your bamboo project. We can provide Bamboo Poles up to 5″ diameter, and as small as 1/4″ diameter. We can provide Bamboo Poles up to 10′ long. Our Bamboo Poles can be used for your special interior decorating projects or outdoors.

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Bamboo Poles, 8′ long and under can be shipped UPS. Bamboo longer than 8′ would be shipped by freight truck, which is much more expensive than UPS. We have Bamboo Poles available at sizes 1/4″ dia, up to 6″ dia. All Bamboo Poles have been cured and dried.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We specialize in providing our customers with technical advice. Call to order, or send e-mail. We calculate the shipping charges for each order, to get the best possible rate.

Bamboo Poles

Our Bamboo Poles are Moso Bamboo and have a beautiful yellow brown color, pronounced nodes and a very smooth texture. You can use the larger bamboo poles for accent pieces or build with it. Looks great when used with palm thatching. The smaller bamboo poles can be used as molding or attached to just about any surface. Create a whole wall of bamboo poles or build your own tiki bar.These are out decorative poles. Our Garden Stakes are Tonkin Bamboo, and are very strong for their size. Their color is more of golden brown. Primary use is for in your garden, but can be used for other purposes.

5/16", Bamboo Garden Stake2'1000 /bale$100.00Bamboo 1
3/8", Bamboo Garden Stake2.5'500 / bale$85.00Bamboo 2
3/8", Bamboo Garden Stake3'500 / bale$90.00Bamboo 3
3/8", Bamboo Garden Stake4'500 / bale$100.00Bamboo 4
7/16", Bamboo Garden Stake4'500 / bale$110.00Bamboo 5
1/2", Bamboo Garden Stake4'250 / bale$80.00Bamboo 6
3/8", Bamboo Garden Stake5'500 / bale$120.00Bamboo 7
7/16", Bamboo Garden Stake5'500 / bale$145.00Bamboo 8
1/2", Bamboo Garden Stake5'250 / bale$100.00Bamboo 9
1/2", Bamboo Garden Stake6'250 / bale$110.00Bamboo 10
5/8", Bamboo Garden Stake6'100 / bale$65.00 Bamboo 11
3/4", Bamboo Garden Stake6'100 / bale$90.00Bamboo 12
1/2", Bamboo Garden Stake7'250 / bale$140.00Bamboo 13
5/8", Bamboo Garden Stake7'200 / bale$165.00Bamboo 14
3/4", Bamboo Garden Stake7'100 / bale$110.00Bamboo 15
1", Bamboo Garden Stake8'50 / bale$90.00Bamboo 16
1", Decorative Bamboo6'25 / bale$85.00Bamboo 17
1", Decorative Bamboo8'25 / bale$90.00Bamboo 18
1", Decorative Bamboo10'25 / bale$120.00Bamboo 19
1 1/4", Decorative Bamboo5'25/ bale$95.00Bamboo 21
1 1/4", Decorative Bamboo8'25 / bale$115.00Bamboo 22
1 1/4", Decorative Bamboo10'25 / bale$133.00Bamboo 23
2", Decorative Bamboo5'10/ bale$90.00Bamboo 24
Half Round, 2", Decorative Bamboo5'20/ bale$130.00Bamboo 25
2", Decorative Bamboo8'10 / bale$105.00Bamboo 26
Half Round, 2", Decorative Bamboo8'20/ bale$140.00Bamboo 27
2", Decorative Bamboo10'10 / bale$130.00Bamboo 28
Half Round, 2", Decorative Bamboo10'20 / bale$177.00Bamboo 29
3, Decorative Bamboo"5'5 / bale$100.00Bamboo 30
Half Round, 3", Decorative Bamboo5'10 / bale$130.00Bamboo 31
3", Decorative Bamboo8'5 / bale$110.00Bamboo 32
Half Round, 3", Decorative Bamboo8'10 / bale$155.00Bamboo 33
3", Decorative Bamboo10'5 / bale$120.00Bamboo 34
Half Round, 3", Decorative Bamboo10'10 / bale$175.00Bamboo 35
4", Decorative Bamboo5'3 / bale$110.00Bamboo 36
Half Round, 4", Decorative Bamboo5'6 / bale$130.00Bamboo 37
4", Decorative Bamboo8'3 / bale$125.00Bamboo 38
Half Round, 4", Decorative Bamboo8'6 / bale$175.00Bamboo 39
4", Decorative Bamboo10'3 / bale$133.00Bamboo 40
Half Round, 4", Decorative Bamboo10'6 / bale$190.00Bamboo 41
5", Decorative Bamboo5'2 / bale$120.00Bamboo 42
Half Round, 5", Decorative Bamboo5'4/ bale$130.00Bamboo 43
5", Decorative Bamboo8'2 / bale$125.00Bamboo 44
Half Round, 5", Decorative Bamboo8'4 / bale$175.00Bamboo 45
5", Decorative Bamboo10'3/ bale $133.00Bamboo 46
Half Round, 5", Decorative Bamboo10'6 / bale$190.00Bamboo 47


Flat Bamboo / Bamboo Slats

Our Flat Bamboo, or Bamboo Slats, can be used for a variety of projects. Used as molding or as wainscoting, it adds a nice high-lite to any tropical design.The bamboo slats can also be used to cover a wall, or on a Tiki Bar. Made of milled Moso Bamboo, it is very tough and durable.

1 3/4" W x 6' LBamboo Slats Natural25 ea$100.00Bamboo 51
1 3/4" W x 6' LBamboo Slats Natural50 ea$160.00Bamboo 52
2" W X 8" LBamboo Slats Natural25 ea$190.00Bamboo 53
1 3/4" W x 6' LBamboo Slats Carbonized25 ea$130.00Bamboo 58
2" W x 8' LBamboo Slats Carbonized25 ea$210.00Bamboo 59

Black Bamboo Poles

Black Bamboo Poles are really more of a brown. Similar to the China Bamboo. Very pretty bamboo. Looks great in pots and vases or as a accent piece.

Black Bamboo ( brown)1" dia x 5'$100.00, bale of 25Bamboo 60
Black Bamboo ( brown)1" dia x 8' $155.00, bale of 25Bamboo 61
Black Bamboo ( brown )1" dia x 10'$160.00, bale of 25Bamboo 62
Black Bamboo ( brown )1 1/4" dia x 5' $100.00, bale of 10Bamboo 63
Black Bamboo ( brown)1 1/4" dia x 8' $155.00, bale of 10Bamboo 64
Black Bamboo ( brown )1 1/4" dia x 10'$160.00, bale of 10Bamboo 65
Black Bamboo ( brown )1 3/4" dia x 5'$ 90.00, bale of 5Bamboo 66
Black Bamboo ( brown )1 3/4" dia x 8'$155.00, bale of 5Bamboo 67
Black Bamboo ( brown )1 3/4" dia x 10'$160.00, bale of 5Bamboo 68


Bamboo Borders

Bamboo Habitat is pleased to offer three styles of Bamboo Borders, Natural Bamboo, Black Bamboo and Retro, which is a blend of both the Black Bamboo and the Natural. All three types of Bamboo Border are secured with two strands of galvanized wire, which run through each piece of the bamboo, at both the top and bottom.

The Bamboo Poles average, 1” diameter and are staggered in height, up to 12 inches tall.

The Natural Bamboo we use is Tonkin Bamboo, and the Black Bamboo is Phyllostachys Nigra.

All of our Bamboo Borders allow you to provide an attractive, durable, border, to your gardens or walkways.

Coating them with a sealant, will help preserve their natural color.

DescriptionColorPRICEPART #
8' Long x 8" to 12" High, 11/4" dia poles,staggered designNatural Bamboo$38.00 eachBamboo 71
8' Long x 8" to 12" High, 11/4" dia poles,staggered designBlack Bamboo$48.00 eachBamboo 72
8' Long x 8" to 12" High, 1" dia poles,staggered designRetro, Natural and Black Bamboo$24.00 eachBamboo 73

The Bamboo Poles we carry are of commercial quality. The different types of bamboo poles are suitable for different types of projects. We can recommend the best bamboo for your project. Many of our customers use the split bamboo poles to cover a full wall, for a unique look. Wedding arches can also be made from our bamboo poles. If you are very handy, you may want to try to make your own bamboo fence. We can recommend the best bamboo poles for that project. We also carry special domestic bamboo poles for building bikes. These bamboo poles have been kiln dried and are old growth bamboo, which makes them very strong. Whatever your project, give us a call, we can recommend the best bamboo poles for your project.

Please note: Bamboo Poles are subject to cracking. This can happen due to temperature changes and humidity.

This is not a problem in most applications. It is natural. Not very prevalent in diameters 3/4″ and less.