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Bamboo Sticks

There are different natural looking home improvements you can add to your home which provide a unique look to your property. One item people like to use is bamboo poles because they offer a tropical look to any area of the home. You can create your own tropical sun room using bamboo products which creates a relaxing area to sit and read your favorite book or visit with friends and family.

There are different types of bamboo sticks for you to choose from for you home improvement project. You may decide to use Taiwan bamboo poles which are a beautiful yellowish-brown color and has a very smooth texture. You can use this type of bamboo for molding around picture frames and other wall areas. You can use larger pieces and attach them to your wall to make and entire wall built out of bamboo. You can incorporate the use of palm thatching along with bamboo poles  to create different types of furniture, umbrellas or even your own tropical island bar.

Another type of bamboo pole you can consider is China bamboo which is a deep brown caramel colored bamboo. You can use different diameter sticks and place them over your existing deck railings and stair rails. You can even attach this type of bamboo to existing fencing to create a more natural barrier to your yard. Black bamboo is similar to China bamboo and can be used as accent pieces for all your arts and craft projects or as trim pieces when used along with China bamboo.

When you want to build your own natural looking bamboo trellis, you can use bamboo poles which are tapered. Tapering poles are Taiwan bamboo and vary in thickness which makes weaving them together easier. You can even create several trellises and connect them together to create a natural looking arched covering to your terrace or entrance walk way to your home.

When you have a special occasion coming up and want to host a tropical theme, you can use green bamboo poles which have a natural look. The green coloring will last for up to two months when used indoors or two to three weeks when used outdoors. You can use green bamboo to create an indoor island tropical setting, such as turning a room into a beach for an indoor beach party on a cold winter night.

Bamboo poles are also well suited to be used to create your own arts and crafts projects. You can create small bamboo huts and other bamboo ornaments which you can sell at your local flea market or through your own online store. If you are more creative, you can even build full size tiki bars and offer them for sale in your town or online and earn some extra money on the side.

When you are searching for a variety of different types of bamboo poles for all different types of projects, you can visit Bamboo Habitat. If you need help with your project you can get personalized service, including advice about which types of bamboo will work best by calling 610-754-9829.