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Using Bamboo in the Kitchen

green bamboo polesIf you are thinking about doing some upgrades to your kitchen consider bamboo as an alternative to other materials. Why? First of all, it’s one of the world’s fastest growing plants which mean it’s sustainable and can be harvested in a few weeks as opposed to trees which can take years to grow. Second, it’s naturally disease and pest free which means in most cases (check with each company) chemicals aren’t used to protect bamboo crops or in the manufacturing process.

Decorating with Bamboo

Bamboo Mahogany FenceBamboo is the latest “in” wood for decorating. It’s fashionable, hip, and trendy. It’s environmentally friendly and fits into a green lifestyle. Bamboo is renewable, durable, practical, and attractive. It is readily available and at all cost points. Bamboo offers great versatility and fits most any décor and lifestyle. Bamboo is simply a great material to use in decorating.

5 Exciting Ideas for Your Next Bamboo Project

green bamboo poles

Since the Shang Dynasty (16th-11th century B.C.), the usage of Bamboo has been an integral part of both home décor and simple project construction. From Bamboo fencing to interior accenting, Bamboo not only offers a distinctive look that separates you from the herd, but it also offers some of the most versatile building materials on the market today.

Using Bamboo Window Shades in Your Home

Bamboo window shades are highly functional, durable and definitely beyond attractive. That’s why you should start replacing your old window blinds with bamboo-made window shades. As a decorative element, the bamboo blinds do an impressive job of making your house look welcoming and friendly. Even though this raw material is making a strong comeback to the market, bamboo still has a unique look and feel about it. To shed more light on the topic, this article talks about the advantages of using bamboo window shades in your home.

How to Prevent Bamboo From Spreading

It’s a fact that bamboo can be one of the most interesting and most beautiful forms of landscape to have in your property. Whether you live in a private estate at the heart of a large chunk of land or you simply want to use landscaping to surround the outskirts of your property, the task can be done easily and nearly effortlessly. It’s so effortless, in fact, that you will soon find yourself living with too much bamboo to deal with. While this plant can be a great addition to the look and feel of your property, their amazing growth spurt can literally overshadow the good things. To prevent this while keeping the nice landscape, you need to carry out precautionary measures to prevent bamboo from spreading.

Does Bamboo Equal Green Living

Does bamboo equal green living? The short answer, yes.

To understand why, it is important to define green living. People often define green living or going green as simply to recycle. But, in reality, it is much more. To live a green lifestyle is to live in a way that helps maintain the environment and preserve its natural resources. It is a way to reduce one’s carbon footprint. Green living can be anywhere from walking to work, to using low energy light bulbs, to buying locally grown produce.