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Palm Thatching, Bring the Tropics a Bit Closer

Palm thatching is best done by professionals who know exactly how and what to do, but it sure is a very interesting subject and you have all the right to ask questions about it. The process of palm thatching may appear to be difficult to an untrained eye, but with well-trained hands, the process is can be quite straightforward and easy to understand. This article talks about what matters to you the most, the uses of palm thatching both indoors and outdoors. The things you learn here may even convince you that it’s really a great idea and you should pick up the phone to get it done and over with.

The Many Uses of Bamboo Charcoal

It’s hard to even begin to explain the many uses of bamboo charcoal. There are so many that it can be confusing, oftentimes unimaginable that something so simple could be used in countless different ways. Although it’s virtually impossible to recount each and every possible application of bamboo charcoals, this article will try to enlighten you on some of the most useful and most relevant applications for your daily life. Among which are for health and beauty, as well as household uses Since you already know about the use of bamboo in your garden let’s cover bamboo charcoal!

Top 5 Bamboo Recipes

Bamboo Habitat doesn’t sell bamboo shoots, traditionally used for cooking, but we’re an advocate of Bamboo and its many uses and hope you find this article enlightening.

Now, let’s jump straight to the all-time top 5 bamboo recipes.

Creative Uses for Bamboo Poles

Madake Bamboo

Madake Bamboo

Bamboo poles and their products are loved the world over because of their natural beautiful features. Another positive thing about Bamboo products is that they are easily renewable, making them very environment friendly. This is a great plus since the world is going green. These poles have many uses, with new creative uses for Bamboo poles being discovered each day. They are used in homes and businesses for decorative and construction purposes, both in and outdoors. Creativity is all that is needed to make Bamboo poles work for you.

How to Choose the Right Bamboo Fence

Fences are commonly used to ensure privacy and to keep away unwanted intruders. Apart from this, some posses aesthetic properties. If you are looking to go green with your fence, bamboo fencing is an attractive option.

The Basics of Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo fencing has become popular over the past couple of years due to the uses and benefits it has to offer. Before purchasing the bamboo fence, it is important to understand the basics of bamboo fencing.