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Types of Bamboo Poles

Bamboo, though in the grass family, is woody in nature and is widely recognised as one of the fastest growing woody plants ever known to man. A Bamboo plant takes about seven to eight years to reach full maturity. It is during this period that the poles are harvested for use in various industries.

Environmental Impact of Bamboo

Green Bamboo

Green Bamboo

The environmental impact of bamboo is what makes it ideal to be used as material for many fixtures and decors in the interior and exterior of any house. It is just logical that using bamboo is ideal if you intend to help preserve the environment. Compared to plastic, bamboo will not contribute to environmental degradation. Bamboo can also be a perfect replacement for wood so that demand for wood products will dwindle and many forests will be saved.

How to Spice Up Your Home with Bamboo

In many Asian cultures, bamboo is used extensively to decorate homes. In many tropical areas in the region, there are even houses that are made entirely of bamboo. It is not surprising that contemporary home owners now intend to use it for decorating purposes. You can make your home more comfortable and interesting by installing such tropical decors.

Types of Bamboo Fence

Polished Bamboo FenceWith many different types of wooden fencing available in the market, choosing the right one means that you will need to research on the different types of fences that you can choose from.

How to Contain Bamboo Roots

One of the most distinguishable characteristic of bamboo is its root system. The root system is comprised of rhizomes. Rhizomes migrate to new places to create new territories underground and travel upwards every year. This spreading of roots or rhizomes is of two categories; running and clumping.

The Bamboo Giveaway Project

In order to promote the many uses of bamboo Jim Shannon @ Bamboo Habitat is hosting a creative writing project.