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Creative Uses for Bamboo Poles

Madake Bamboo

Madake Bamboo

Bamboo poles and their products are loved the world over because of their natural beautiful features. Another positive thing about Bamboo products is that they are easily renewable, making them very environment friendly. This is a great plus since the world is going green. These poles have many uses, with new creative uses for Bamboo poles being discovered each day. They are used in homes and businesses for decorative and construction purposes, both in and outdoors. Creativity is all that is needed to make Bamboo poles work for you.

Uses of Bamboo Poles

There are many creative uses for Bamboo poles, some of which are:

1)      Home or commercial setting: Bamboo poles are used to make items for home or commercial use. Kitchenware, wall hangings, furniture, floor rugs and mats, chairs, tables, vases, baskets, beds, bed sheets, blinds are some of the products. When there is need for space, privacy or rooms to be divided, one can use Bamboo dividers or screens. There are many styles and designs of Bamboo dividers and screens to pick from. The screens and dividers are mostly foldable which makes very flexible to use. In some places like Asia, these poles are used for house construction.

2)      Garden: If you are looking to maintain the natural look of your, the garden furniture and gazebos can be constructed using Bamboo poles. They add an exotic touch to the outside landscape without disrupting all things nature. Bamboo fountains and fences are another great garden asset. If you need support for your creeping or tall plants, you don’t have to use steel or plastic structures, Bamboo poles will provide a natural and beautiful supporting framework.

3)      Farm: Bamboo poles are great to use on farms without damaging the environment. They can be used to fence the farm and construct plant beds. In situations where garden space is limited, like happens in most urban areas, Bamboo poles plant pots and boxes can be used to create your flower or vegetable garden. They can be placed in any part of your house or yard for that garden feel or look. It is possible to construct animal or pet houses or feeders using Bamboo poles.

4)      Entertainment: Some musical instruments like, flutes, didgeridoos, clarinets, pipes, drums or guitars can be made using Bamboo poles. They give a unique and traditional style to any musical event.

5)      Transportation: Bamboo bicycles and handcarts are the answer to the current global fuel shortage and global warming. They provide a cheaper and safer means of transportation.

Bamboo Poles Tips

  • Bamboo archway or railings should be varnished to improve on durability and attractiveness.
  • Nailing Bamboo will cause splitting. Instead, use glue or pre- drill the pole first then screw it during the fixing process.
  • To prevent pest and mildew infestation, and to make them more attractive, use the right finishing on the poles.
  • If you are in the crafts trade and want to achieve various structural designs or forms with Bamboo poles, green Bamboo poles are recommended because they are easier to shape than the dried forms.

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to creative uses for Bamboo poles. It only takes a small dose of imagination for anyone to create Bamboo products that will make planet earth a safer and more beautiful place to live in.

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