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How to Choose the Right Bamboo Fence

Fences are commonly used to ensure privacy and to keep away unwanted intruders. Apart from this, some posses aesthetic properties. If you are looking to go green with your fence, bamboo fencing is an attractive option. Bamboo is a woody grass that has amazing properties and uses which helps to explain why it is increasingly becoming popular in many parts of the world. Personal taste and preference and how to choose the right bamboo fence is all that is required to make the right fencing choices.

Why choose bamboo fence?

One of the best things about having a Bamboo fence is that it is eco- friendly. Bamboo plants are self-propagating which makes them very good renewable sources of fencing materials. This, in turn, makes them cheap to construct and maintain. Bamboo fences are very eye appealing and add a touch of class to any setting. There is little or no damage to the environment when bamboo fences are used because of their natural origin. Bamboo fences are durable, termite and weather resistant.

Varieties of Bamboo fences

Bamboo Fence Natural

Natural Bamboo Fence

There are many different Bamboo varieties to suit different tastes. Most Bamboo fencing materials will either be rolls or panels. The traditional variety has both simple and complex options.Twig, Misu, Yotsume, Royanji and Kenninji are some of the Japanese traditional styles.

If you have preference for green Bamboo, you need to bear in mind that it is prone to pest and is short lived. The green color soon fades away upon drying and exposure to the sun. The way to address this shortcoming would be to treat the green poles first before use.

Choosing Bamboo Fence

There are many Bamboo fencing products and not all will be suited for your home. There are some considerations to pay attention to so that you choose the right fence.

The key points to consider are:

  • The height of your fence: there are different lengths of bamboo poles and so you want to be clear on the fence height you desire.
  • Bamboo Quality: durability and stability is vital for fencing quality. Anything to the contrary, and your fence will soon be crumbling down.
  • General color scheme: For color harmony, it is best that you pick a Bamboo color that will gracefully blend in the general environment. There are many bamboo colors to pick from, both natural and those that are artificially imparted.
  • Temporary or permanent fence: the time of harvest will affect the durability of a Bamboo fence. The longer the maturity period, the more durable the Bamboo poles and thereby the fence. If the bamboo was harvested before maturity, the poles are not likely to last that long.
  • Surface or soil condition: Bamboo fences are likely to rot if the ground or soil is water prone. In such a situation, there will be need to keep the fence off the ground and to use high quality Bamboo poles to ensure sturdiness.
  • Texture of bamboo surface– uneven or sharp edges on the Bamboo pole surface will cause safety issues especially if there are young children within the vicinity. The smooth textured variety will cause fewer injuries.

What is wonderful about when you know how to choose the right Bamboo fence is you make the best choice while saving money and time. You also get to enjoy the benefits of the fence for a very long time.