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How to Prevent Bamboo From Spreading

It’s a fact that bamboo can be one of the most interesting and most beautiful forms of landscape to have in your property. Whether you live in a private estate at the heart of a large chunk of land or you simply want to use landscaping to surround the outskirts of your property, the task can be done easily and nearly effortlessly. It’s so effortless, in fact, that you will soon find yourself living with too much bamboo to deal with. While this plant can be a great addition to the look and feel of your property, their amazing growth spurt can literally overshadow the good things. To prevent this while keeping the nice landscape, you need to carry out precautionary measures to prevent bamboo from spreading.


There are many ways to get started. First, you will have to assess the amount of landscape and the length of the perimeter surrounding the actual preferred bamboo plantation. It’s not advisable to allow marginal space before setting the rhizome barriers, which will be discussed further one. The reason being is that bamboo will grow into these marginal areas, anyway. It’s more advisable to clump off the overgrowth right where it should be cut.

There are basically two ways of stopping an overgrowth of bamboo in your property. First of which is through clumping. The second method is by means of using running type rhizome barriers. Keep in mind that each method is entirely different from the other, and uses different materials to achieve a similar goal.


A clumping bamboo is grown very near the plant’s base, where the short rhizomes are. There are many running bamboo varieties that are difficult to control because their growth circumvent the barriers. The best way to deal with this is to determine which type of bamboo you have in your property. It’s greatly advised that you plant bamboo that are easier to control to begin with. However, if the problem is already right in your doorstep, literally, all that is left for you to do is control the overgrowth.

Rhizome barriers are very effective ways of preventing overgrowth in areas where typical clumping varieties will not work. You should ask an expert for more details regarding this. Look for a rhizome barrier installer online and find a contact number. Drop them a line and discuss the bamboo issue at your place over the phone or personally, after scheduling an inspection.

Root control, containers and gardening

Bamboo containers are another great way to prevent bamboo from spreading. Overgrown bamboo also tend to loom over your property, so additional methods like this are a good way to go. Aside from these methods, digging a trench 18 inches deep should be able to do the trick. Dig a little less deep, however, and persistent roots may still manage to breach the gap somehow. This can be especially frustrating if you’re also into gardening. In that case, bamboo root control should also be one of your top concerns.

Since bamboo is very persistent plants and can grow out of control, despite your effort, it’s a must to get a professional crew to deal with your bamboo. Remember that this is landscaping we’re talking about. It should be constructive – not frustrating.