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How to Spice Up Your Home with Bamboo

In many Asian cultures, bamboo is used extensively to decorate homes. In many tropical areas in the region, there are even houses that are made entirely of bamboo. It is not surprising that contemporary home owners now intend to use it for decorating purposes. You can make your home more comfortable and interesting by installing such tropical decors.

How to spice up your home with bamboo? You can use different bamboo materials to decorate not just your house interior but also its exterior. Here are some helpful and creative ideas that can serve as your basic guide.

Bamboo as interior home décor

Rangoon Wall

Rangoon Wall

Have you seen a house that features a bamboo wall covering? It surely is attractive and homey. If you want to install a natural look and feel to your home interior, bamboo wall covering will surely be ideal for you. Such products are made from natural materials that include not just bamboo but also palm leaf and natural grasses. According to some experts, such wall coverings can also help make the interior temperature somehow cooler because bamboo tends to be colder when it is hot and warmer when it is cold.
There are many things inside the house that can be decoratively and attractively made of bamboo. Those include rugs, place mats, picture frames, fans, and beaded curtains. Bamboo tables and chairs are also gaining popularity. There are ornamental varieties of the plant that can be perfectly used as natural and real ornamental house plants. Your bedroom may even feature bamboo pillows and blankets. Bamboo can be everywhere inside your house.

Decorating home exterior using bamboo

You may opt to decorate the perimeter of your home with bamboo fencing. Other homeowners prefer using reed bamboo fence itself as the basic material for putting up fences. Doing so will complete the tropical look and design you have been planning to install to make your house look fabulously tropical. Bamboo fences are attractive because of the interesting and natural patterns. Those will also make your home look attractively unique.
Have you considered using thatching? That will make your home look even more amazing from the outside. You can put the bamboo thatching over your house’s actual roof to make it seem like it is made of the material. This idea is not just aesthetic. It can also bring about advantages. For one, doing so can help shed away water from your inner roof. Bamboo thatching can also regulate the temperature so that not much heat is conducted to your roof.
To complete the overall tropical getup of your home, why not install palm trees within your yard? Whether such trees are real or artificial, you will surely be surprised at the impact those may bring about to make your exterior décor exquisite. Fortunately, such decorative palm trees are now available in the market. You can be sure those are sturdy and durable. Those are made to last long and to endure extreme weathering and strenuous outdoor conditions.

There are still many ways on how to spice up your home with bamboo. It is about time you try these ideas. You can even further use your creativity to make your home interior and exterior awesome.