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Installation of Artificial Palm Trees

For Concrete Installation:

Carefully remove Palm Tree from container and place it upright where it will be installed. After positioning is complete, drill down through existing holes of the bases using a 1/2″ masonry bit/ Drill down 4 inches deep.

Gently tap the enclosed concrete bolts through the base into the concrete and tighten the nut. Be careful not to over tighten the bolt. Too much torque can break the bolt.

If pouring new concrete, follow these specs:

The base plate for the Palm Trees is 12″ x 12″, so for each tree you need a hole about 18″ x 18″ x 12″ deep. Then take a post hole digger and dig deeper in the center of your hole. Get as deep as you can and then drive 2 or 3 pcs of rebar down thru the center hole leaving about 4 to 6 inches exposed in the top 12 inches. You are basically trying to duplicate the root system of a Palm Tree. The Palm Trees are top heavy so it is important not to skimp. You want your Artificial Palm Tree to be secure enough to with stand the strongest winds.

For Wood Deck Installation:

Place the Artificial Palm Tree and position it over the deck joists so that at least 2 of the 4 lag screws will catch the joists. After positioning is complete, use the enclosed lag screws and washers. Place one washer on the lag screw and screw into the wood and down the joist. Repeat for the other 3 holes.

By following our instructions you will have many years of enjoyment of your new Palm Trees.

Installation of Palm Fronds and Coconuts:

Once your Artificial Palm tree has been secured to the base, you are ready to install the Palm Fronds. At the very top of the Palm Tree trunk is a circular frame with a series of double metal slots. You want to, slide the metal portion on the Palm Frond thru the double slots. Place a Palm Frond in every other slot. Do the large Fronds first. After they are in you will have 3 smaller fronds left. Place these randomly in the remaining slots. Once you have all the Palm Fronds in place, you can them bend them down. Leave some higher then the top of the trunk and bend others so they are down lowerer. Once you begin you will see the results and be able to duplicate the look of real Palm Trees. Do not bend the 3 small Palm Fronds. They are to remain upright.

The coconuts are attached to the top metal loop you will see at the top of the tree. Just securely wrap the attached wire thru the slot.

More coming soon.