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Synthetic Thatching


The Synthetic Alternative to Real Palm Thatching


Contact us at or call 267-329-8398 to discuss your palm thatch project. We have the synthetic palm thatching, Viro Thatch, and also the real palm thatch, which some companies call Mexican Rain Cape found here. What ever your choice, we can help you with the measurements and the options you have, to assure you that you get the best possible results.

Our synthetic thatch is made of recycled, HDPE, high density polyethylene, and is the most realistic palm thatch product on the market. Viro Thatch is the perfect option when natural thatch cannot be utilized. Viro Thatch is long lasting,with a 15 year manufacturers warranty, low maintenance, and provides the beauty of real palm thatch for outdoor environments. Viro Thatch will not rot decay, mold or shed.

Java, Viro Thatch, Synthetic Thatch, Main Panel, 31" W x 22" H, natural color, with semi rough texture.Viro Thatch 2010$21.95 ea
Java, Viro Thatch, bundle for hips.Viro Thatch 2017$9.99 ea
Java, Viro Thatch, Top Cone, 36" hang, from peak.Viro Thatch 2022$124.99 ea

Viro Reed African Thatch

Viro Reed African Thatch Eave, 31" W x 3.94" HViro - 4001$53.99 ea
Viro Reed African Thatch Starter, 31" x 9.85" HViro - 4002$22.99 ea
Viro Reed African Thatch Subroof, 31" W x 16.5" HViro - 4003$24.99 ea

Actual Installations of Synthetic Thatch

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Synthetic Thatch Job

Synthetic Thatch Job

Synthetic Thatch Installation

Synthetic Thatch Installation

Synthetic Bamboo

synthetic bamboo

Highly realistic PVC bamboo is hand painted and even has raised nodes just like our natural bamboo. It is a perfect substitute that can be submerged, used to sleeve steel or concrete columns or electrical conduit, or used in other climates or spaces that are unfriendly to the real thing. Additionally, it will not crack as it ages, and it is treated with a UV-stabilized mixture making it resistant to weathering affects – beautiful golden bamboo year after year with no maintenance.

20’ lengths must be shipped by freight truck. We can make cuts for $2.00 a cut. UPS can ship lengths of 8’ and less.

We now have the Synthetic Bamboo available in Bamboo Green. Same price as natural. Couplings and Caps available for all size poles.

Synthetic Bamboo2" Dia x 10' L$49.95.SYN-1