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Contact us at or call 267-329-8398 to discuss your palm thatch project. We have the palm thatching, which some companies call Mexican Rain Cape and also Viro Thatch a synthetic thatch, which you will find on another page of our web site. What ever your choice, we can help you with the measurements and the options you have, to assure you that you get the best possible results.


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Palm Thatch Panel    Palm Thatch Roll

Actual Mexican palm leaves, hand woven. This is high quality palm thatch. Use them indoors or out to give your home the Tiki look. Easy to install. Check out our Synthetic Thatch for long term, durable, exterior thatching. You can click the ” Add to Cart” to order, or, give us a call to discuss your project and to order. All major credit cards accepted and you do not need to have a Pay Pal account to order online. Free shipping applies only to the continental United States.

We are backordered on all Palm Thatching until June 2021.

4' x 4', Palm ThatchNatural$95.00 four pack, FREE SHIPPINGTH
4' x 4', Palm ThatchNatural$214.00, ten pack, FREE SHIPPINGTH1
4' x 8', Palm ThatchNatural$64.00 each, FREE SHIPPINGTH2
4' x 8', Palm ThatchNatural$316.00, six pack, FREE SHIPPINGTH3
4' X 20', Palm ThatchNatural$147.00 each, FREE SHIPPINGTH4
4' X 20', Palm ThatchNatural$264.00, two pack, FREE SHIPPINGTH5
35” x 8’ Palm ThatchingNatural$49.00 each, Free ShippingTH6
35” x 8’ Palm ThatchingNatural$274.00 six pack, Free ShippingTH7
35"x 60', Palm ThatchNatural$189.00 each, FREE SHIPPINGTH10
35” x 60’ Palm ThatchNatural$359.00, two pack, Free ShippingTH11

Palm Thatch Umbrella Cover


Actual Mexican palm leaves, hand woven to fit over your current umbrella. Come in three sizes, 7′,9′, 12′ and jumbo 14′, diameters. This palm thatching will give your poolside or deck an instant tiki look. Bring in for the winter.

** Turn any outdoor umbrella into a Tiki umbrella

30" dia, Palm Thatch TopNatural$52.00 ea, FREE SHIPPINGTH12
7' dia, Palm Thatch Umbrella CoverNatural$133.00 ea, FREE SHIPPINGTH13
9' dia, Palm Thatch Umbrella CoverNatural$161.00 ea, FREE SHIPPINGTH14
12' dia, Palm Thatch Umbrella CoverNatural$187.00 ea, FREE SHIPPINGTH15
14' dia, Palm Thatch Umbrella CoverNatural$337.00 ea, FREE SHIPPINGTH16


Mexican Palm Thatch Ridge Cap Roll

Our newly designed Mexican Palm Thatch Ridge Cap Roll is an ideal product to finish off any tiki hut project. The thatch used is commercial grade, hand woven, and can be ordered 60 inches in width by 12 feet in length or 30 inches in width by 12 feet in length. Accent and cover roof ridge lines beautifully with Forever Bamboo’s high quality ridge cap roll to achieve an island inspired look. At Bamboo Habitat, we hand select and inspect each product before shipment to ensure customer satisfaction. Mexican Palm thatch will last between 3 to 5 years depending on the weather and climate. Each piece of thatch is hand woven and connected by a sturdy nylon string. Easily cut thatch to desired length by using a sharp scissor or blade. Install to any building structure and attach with zip ties or staples. This product adds an authentic tropical touch to your home or business setting. If you need help with your project call our expert staff for calculations, suggestions, and directions. DISCLAIMER: This product is not fire rated. We recommend applying a flame retardant spray for commercial use.

30" x 12'30" x 12', Mexican Palm Thatch Ridge Cap Roll$132.00, FREE SHIPPINGRidge Cap 2