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Top 5 Bamboo Recipes

Bamboo Habitat doesn’t sell bamboo shoots, traditionally used for cooking, but we’re an advocate of Bamboo and its many uses and hope you find this article enlightening.

Now, let’s jump straight to the all-time top 5 bamboo recipes.

1. Beef with Bamboo Shoots Recipe

All my love for onions aside, I do have to say that the Beef with Bamboo Shoots recipe is among my favorite Bamboo cousins. It definitely makes my top 5 Bamboo recipes for obvious reasons. I may not be able to cook it as well as the recipe book instructs me to, but I sure can eat it each and every day of the week.

This recipe is not only perfect for Beef lovers, but for dieters as well. With a calorie count of 511 for up to two services – that’s assuming you don’t overindulge in good food as I do – the Beef with Bamboo Shoots over Onions recipe is definitely a great addition to the menu. It tastes excellent and has a distinct appeal to it. That probably has to do with the bamboo shoots. The sauce definitely clings to the food, which entices your appetite for it all the more. I suggest that you find the full recipe, cook it and have a taste for yourself. A voyeuristic approach to writing doesn’t give it enough justice.



2. Chicken Bamboo Curry plus Coco Cream

Next on the list has to be Chicken Bamboo Curry plus Coco Cream. Oh how I love coconut cream, and, add to that, the amazing spicy chicken curry. To finish the dish is our ever-favorite bamboo. This recipe combines the amazing tastes of homemade spicy red curry paste with the enticing freshness of bamboo shoots and basil. Chicken, as I believe, only sits on the sidelines rather than come to you as the main object of the dish. For me, it’s bamboo that really made this typical red curry dish into an awesome delicacy.



3. Stir-fried Bacon and Bamboo

Bamboo shoot is present in nearly every favorite dish that I have, but I don’t want to make the impression that I have biased opinions when it comes down to the top 5 bamboo recipes. Quite the contrary, I loved the way that bamboo brought out the best in recipes of all kinds. The third addition to the list is the stir-fried bacon and bamboo shoot dish. This dish is fairly straightforward to prepare. It’s also very easy to imagine what it tastes like.



4. Fried Bamboo Shoots and Mustard Green

From being a side-dish or a garnish, let’s go straight to a dish that puts all emphasis to bamboo shoots. The Fried bamboo shoots and mustard green definitely makes the best use of the freshness and distinct taste of the bamboo in order to make an outstanding delicacy beyond what you can imagine. There’s even no need for an explanation as to why I love it.



5. Plain Fried Bamboo

Plain stir-fried bamboo shoots also make it to the top 5 bamboo recipes. It’s practically recipe number four minus the mustard green. It’s so easy to prepare that the convenience of it all will amaze you. Even then, it doesn’t fall short in terms of taste, aroma and experience.