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Types of Bamboo Fence

Polished Bamboo FenceWith many different types of wooden fencing available in the market, choosing the right one means that you will need to research on the different types of fences that you can choose from. Most of the wooden fences that people tend to buy are made from pressure treated pine, red cedar, white cedar, redwood, fir and spruce. However due to deforestation many people have concerns of putting these types of wooden fencing up in their garden or backyard. That is why bamboo fencing is growing in popularity.

Before discussing the types of bamboo fence available, it is important that you know why bamboo is being highly preferred for fencing. Besides the environmental benefits; it has its own unique texture and beauty, so therefore it can look great in anyone’s backyard. Even though it is naturally a light grayish color, you can stain it into any color you desire.  Although it may have its disadvantages when not taken care of, you can still highly benefit from its advantages as compared to pine or other wooden fences especially if you care about the environment.

There are many different types of bamboo fence available, some are used commercially and some are used in Asian gardens. Choosing the right fence depends on your taste and the type of décor you are looking for in your backyard. Most of the bamboo fencing that is commercially available come in panels or poles that are held together with wire that is galvanized so that it does not rust. Cane bamboo fences are made with half inch canes woven together. This type of fence is very durable and provides a lot of privacy. Bamboo pole fences are similar to the cane fences but use one inch poles instead of half inch canes.

Bamboo stick fence is another type of fence that is widely available. It is built form thick bamboo slats that are made from rolled bamboo. The slats are of size half an inch and are woven together with galvanized steel wire. Reed bamboo fence is made out of peeled bamboo reed that is polished to give it a smooth finish. The polished reeds are held together with a black vinyl coated wire and it can be used both inside and outside because it is beautiful.

Other than cane, pole, stick and reed bamboo fences, there are many other types of bamboo fences that are also used such as willow, fern, difu, twig, and dwarf pine. Whichever bamboo fence you choose for your backyard or interior décor, you just need to remember that the color, design and texture of the fence will suit your surroundings or not.

You can easily purchase any types of bamboo fencing from bamboo suppliers near you in easy to install rolls, so you can easily install the fence wherever you want. Just remember when installing the fence you keep it away from the ground to prevent rotting and that you coat it with varnish to protect it from the sun. With proper maintenance, any bamboo fence can last you 20 years. So remember to chose wisely from the many different types of bamboo fence available and that you take care of it in order to enjoy your eco-friendly fence like never before.