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Using Bamboo in the Kitchen

green bamboo polesIf you are thinking about doing some upgrades to your kitchen consider bamboo as an alternative to other materials. Why? First of all, it’s one of the world’s fastest growing plants which mean it’s sustainable and can be harvested in a few weeks as opposed to trees which can take years to grow. Second, it’s naturally disease and pest free which means in most cases (check with each company) chemicals aren’t used to protect bamboo crops or in the manufacturing process.

That said you probably won’t be converting the entire space into a bastion of bamboo but if sprucing up a setting like the kitchen is what you’re looking to do it’s a practical choice that can meet your needs.

The following are a few ideas where adding bamboo in the kitchen may work for you.


Bamboo is durable which means it won’t break if dropped, it can handle all kinds of food because it doesn’t absorb moisture like other wood, and when exposed to heat it won’t melt or emit chemicals like foam or plastic. For each of these reasons and more it makes great table and kitchenware.

Also, because bamboo is organic a set of bamboo dishes and utensils can bring a touch of nature indoors.

Besides eating off of it bamboo can also be used for kitchen accessories such as cutting boards, which often collect dangerous bacteria when the chef of the house is dealing with raw meat, poultry, or fish. As mentioned earlier bamboo has disease free qualities including being anti-bacterial which means it can easily fight some of the dangers lurking on a cutting board’s surface.

Furthermore since bamboo does not absorb moisture the board won’t warp, chip, or crack from wetness making it an amazing accessory for the kitchen when preparing food.


Aside from food preparation bamboo furnishings like peg boards, mats, and blinds for windows can add to the décor just like bamboo furniture. Bamboo tables, chairs, and shelving make wonderful pieces and are easy to move yet sturdy enough to stay balanced and like all bamboo these things can be cleaned effortlessly by simply wiping with a damp cloth.

Another option is a rolling cart for things like potatoes and onions, canned goods, or bottled food. A bamboo cart provides space when there isn’t any in a cupboard or on the counter.

Meanwhile, fabrics like towels made from bamboo are 100% biodegradable and retain some of their disinfecting qualities. Also, when it comes to floors bamboo has become extremely popular and highly praised by flooring contractors.


Although there aren’t many products for the body made from bamboo one of the most important is bamboo vinegar. It’s unsafe for cooking and should not be swallowed but can be used on the skin as a healing and sanitizing agent making it a good product to store in the kitchen. Its purposes include:

  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory and subdues skin irritations in case of burns or allergic reactions.
  • Quells odors like rotting food or spills.
  • Acts as a sanitizer when something icky needs to be cleaned up.
  • Due to the fact it grows pest-free it can be used as a form of pest control instead of poison.

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